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District:UCL Woluwé/Shopping Woluwé/Roodebeek (East)

from 13/03/2020 until 30/04/2020




District:Centre de Forêt (sud)

from 01/02/2020 until 30/04/2020

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General Conditions & legal notice

Brussels Destination - Terms and Conditions

To be able to benefit from BDLF'saccommodation service you must meet the following criteria:

• be 18 years old or older;

• be taking part in an education course, participating in a work experience programme or be employed in Brussels; and

• have a valid employment or work experience contract or a valid certificate of enrolment with an educational establishment

REGISTRATION CHARGE: €25 to €75 EUR – depending upon the length of stay (to be paid when contract is confirmed)

Payment of the deposit must be carried out by bank transfer or credit card upon reception of your contract of confirmation and before your arrival in Brussels.

Each booking is subject to:

• A rental contract established between the landlord and tenant, signed immediately upon arrival in Brussels. It will include the general conditions of the contract. 

• A rental guarantee deposit. The amount of this guarantee is 4 weeks rent. It will be returned to the tenant at the end of the stay, as long as no damage was caused. The booking is only for the number of people indicated in the contract.

• In certain accommodations, the landlord may require the tenant to respect specific rules. These would simply be internal house rules which facilitate optimal cohabitation of all who stay in the accommodation.

• An initial (upon arrival) and final (when leaving) inventory of fixtures will be carried out in the majority of cases.

ALL PRICES INCLUDE CHARGES (water, gas, electricity, and - in the majority of the cases - internet). However, in the event of excessive consumption a supplement could be claimed.

If complementary charges are required, they will be clearly listed in the information provided at the accommodation.


Brussels Destination (BDLF) - General conditions

1. All Brussels Destination (BDLF) services are exclusively governed by this booking contract and subject to the terms and conditions which are an integral part of it.

2. A booking is only firm and definitive once payment (by credit card or bank transfer) has been received.

3. In accepting these general conditions, the candidate tenant acknowledges that: (1) he/she has received all the necessary details and information regarding the accommodation he/she wishes to rent; and (2) the role of BDLF is strictly limited to putting the candidate tenant in touch with a landlord willing to rent him/her an accommodation, according to the terms and conditions freely agreed upon by the candidate tenant and the landlord and which are stipulated in the rental contract.

4. The number of tenants can not exceed that which is stated in the booking contract

5. No prospective tenant shall be entitled to register the address indicated on the booking contract as his/her domicile.

6. BDLF is not responsible for any rental contract agreed between the tenant and the landlord, nor for any events that occur during the stay (material or physical damage). The candidate tenant agrees not to hold BDLF liable for the rental contract.

7. Once the booking is confirmed, the candidate tenant is committed to: (1) pay the deposit to the landlord at least 15 days before arrival; (2) sign the rental contract with the landlord at the latest on the day of arrival; (3) pay the landlord on the day of arrival the full amount due if staying for less than a month and if the candidate tenant is staying for more than a month, at minimum the first four weeks of rent must be paid; and (4) fully respected the “dos and don'ts” stemming from the rental contract.

8. In case of booking cancellation or termination, the deposit shall be considered as compensation and will not be refunded by BDLF.

9. In the event that the reservation is cancelled 8-to-15 days before arrival, the charge will be a 4 weeks rent plus the deposit (see Article 8), if the reservation is cancelled 7 days or less prior to arrival, the full amount shall be payable, except in cases of force majeure accepted by the landlord.

10. In case of dispute between the parties, they commit themselves to solve it by mediation in line with regulations set by the non-profit organisation Chambre d'Arbitrage et de Médiation ( Should this mediation fail, the dispute would then be submitted to arbitration by the Chambre d'Arbitrage et de Médiation in line with its regulations.

11. For stays of less than 90 days, a tourist tax will be requested by the landlord upon your arrival : 3 euros / night /room (if the accommodation is located in the main residence of the owner) or 4 euros / night / room  (for all the accommodation located in another place )

Legal notice

Use of this website portal Destination Brussels (BDLF) is related to certain conditions, described below.

The fact that you use this portal site means that you accept its terms and general conditions of use.


The portal site BDLF-Brussels Destination is a guide that lets you search for information about accommodation in Brussels. The objective is to offer, through this portal site, a simple, fast and friendly access to information about

our accommodation offers . The information contained on the BDLF site is general in nature. If you need more specific advice, you can consult our team by sending an email to or by calling us (+32 2 646 26 24)


BDLF works meticulously to ensure that information available on the portal is complete and correct. Despite these efforts, errors may arise in the information given to you.

If the information provided on the portal site contains errors, or if certain information is unavailable, BDLF will do its best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. BDLF makes every effort to avoid unnecessary interruptions due to technical problems. Nevertheless, BDLF can not guarantee that the portal site will be completely free of interruptions or will not be affected by other technical problems.

If you discover errors on the portal site or if you have any questions about this topic, please contact computer database service of BDLF (+32 2 646 26 34 or send an e -mail to

BDLF disclaims all liability for any direct or indirect damages from the consultation or use of the portal site or information available on websites referenced in the portal site.


Unless otherwise indicated, the information you find on the portal site is owned by BDLF. Prior written authorisation required to use or reproduce this information.

BDLF reserves all intellectual property rights on its website portal.


BDLF does everything they can to prevent any destruction, diffusion or acces to unauthorized data. The net surfers have to dispose all necessary information to give their trust to the sites that they consult and in need, make the choices that are in conformity of the rights that they have been given to them by the european legislation. Our mention about RGPD - GPDR

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