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┬®jjserol 27 Studio 2eme_01

Casa en Flor


District:Flagey/Etangs d'Ixelles (Centre)

Promotion été from 01/08/2019 until 01/10/2019




District:Place Keym (South-East)

Back to school promo and allways a lot of included services from 01/09/2019 until 01/10/2019

Salle à manger bis

Back to school


District:UCL Woluwé/Shopping Woluwé/Roodebeek (East)

PROMO = -10% ! from 01/10/2019 until 31/10/2019

Studios in brussels

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What is a rental agreement?

A rental agreement or a lease established between the owner and you includes the information on every party, the dates of rent, the monthly rent, the method of payment of the rent and the renting guarantee.The owners can propose their own rental agreement. However most of the owners use this document (to download): agreement (convention) of fixed-term rent.

Example of contract: Click here


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