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More than 350 short-term stay locations in Brussels

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District:Centre de Forêt (sud)

from 01/02/2020 until 30/04/2020

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How does it work?

Our reservation site is easy to use and completely secured!

You can consult our offers in different ways:

- Make a classic research with the simple form ( left side from the main page). Fill the fields, launch the research and consult the selections.

- Refine your research via “more criteria“, the research will then be more selective and will correspond to your selection criteria.

- A research by map is also suggested you can add your criteria such a districts, places of training course, neighborhood.

- Other alternatives are also possible as via the "opinions of the visitors“ through "promotions" or according to the album of the photos of the selected room.

Once your accommodation has been chosen, you can begin the process of reservation.

Process of reservation:

1) Reservation dates : insert your date of arrival and the duration of your stay.

2) Accommodation: confirm the choice of the accommodation and the number of persons.

3) Address and phone number: fill all the compulsory fields "(*)", if the reason of your stay is other than for a training course or a work, indicate the reason in the "place of work / training".

4) Confirmation: verify all the information and then, confirm.

5) Payment: for a fast reservation, choose the method of payment "by credit card". We also propose "bank transfer".

An ultimate check of availability from us is sometimes necessary before being able to confirm you by e-mail the reservation of the chosen accommodation.

Good research and good reservation!

Our team will accompany you during all the duration of your stay.

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