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More than 350 short-term stay locations in Brussels

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District:Centre de Forêt (sud)

from 01/02/2020 until 30/04/2020




District:UCL Woluwé/Shopping Woluwé/Roodebeek (East)

from 13/03/2020 until 30/04/2020

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Bed & Business - Solutions business accommodations

Bed & Business proposes very affordable alternative accommodation

for professional stays in Brussels and everywhere in Belgium.


For who?

In 2013, in a fast-moving world, professional mobility needs are huge, especially in a country like Belgium, at the heart of Europe.

In this context of constant growth in mobility, our businesses work with employees, suppliers, clients and even interns from throughout the world.

Although this mobility obviously creates value added for these businesses, it can also provide company executives and HR managers with a headache, namely the need to find the ideal accommodation solution for professional stays, at a time when budgets are increasingly tight.

In response to this need, Bed & Brussels has enhanced and enlarged its alternative business accommodation solutions at the heart of Europe with


More than 750 business accommodation solutions

This Belgian company, which has more than 20 years experience in the business tourism sector, proposes business accommodation solutions which are very affordable but above all very also convivial, especially for longer stays.

Bed and Brussels has developed an offering in what is known as the “alternative” accommodation sector and has a database of more than 750 addresses for stays of between 1 day and 6 months. Several formulas exist depending on the needs and preferences of each client, but all are alternatives to standardised hotel accommodation:

guest houses with or without breakfast, furnished studio or apartment and even shared houses & apartments (very fashionable with young people on mobility schemes).

Our range of accommodation covers the whole of Belgium. BnBusiness prides itself on its ability to match the offer to the client's needs, with accommodation close to the place of work.

Inspected and graded accommodation

Because we offer local solutions and have a team permanently in the field, we are able to visit, analyse and grade all the accommodation we propose so as to ensure the best value for money. advises its clients (businesses) individually and provides them with solutions specifically tailored to their accommodation needs for the professional stays of their employees.

Clients can choose whether they want a more “homely” solution or more independent accommodation. In any event all accommodation is equipped with hi-tech media access (television, WIFI, etc.)


Be daring and change professional habits... think “alternative” accommodation.


For more information visit or contact our team directly by email

or by telephone +32 2 646 07 37.

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