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Visit Brussels in a different way, join a Greeters

In Brussels for a few days? Willing to discover the country off the beaten track through the eyes of a Brussels local? The association Tourisme autrement offers an alternative way to discover Brussels with an original approach to tourism. Through direct contact with the local population, we intend to promote respect of the city's environment, culture and traditions, as well as vivid exchanges between visitors and inhabitants. Brussels Greeters welcome you to share their passion for the city during an authentic, genuine and free encounter.


A new travel style

Brussels Greeters Network is an associative movement of participative tourism, created in 2010 by association Tourisme autrement, in the frame of the national development of Belgium Greeters. Greeters Network fosters encounters between visitors and volunteering inhabitants passionate about their city, willing to share this passion and with a great sense of hospitality.

A greeter welcomes you for a meeting and offers to help you discover Brussels through his/her eyes. As an inhabitant, (s)he will give you his own vision of the city and share with you his/her soft spots. A Greeter is not a professional guide but a volunteering ambassador of his/her city.

Greeters de Bruxelles
Adress : Rue Louis Hap 16 - 1040 Bruxelles, Belgique
Tél : 0032 2 648 09 79
E-mail :

Network responsible: Emilie Herssens

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