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District:Châtelain (Centre)

Promo été from 01/07/2018 until 31/07/2018


"Chez Paulette"


District:Europe quarter/Schuman (Centre)

Summer discount from 01/07/2018 until 31/08/2018


Les Capucins


District:Place du Jeu de Balle (Centre)

from 06/09/2018 until 06/12/2018

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Our 9 rooms

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Colocation (?)Double bedComments0# 725-1

La colocation du Square

District : Mongoméry (East)

Bouble bed with private bathroom

-15%Promotion d'été. from 01/07/2018 until 31/08/2018

InternetPrivate bathroomPublic transport in the vicinityVisitors allowedWashing machineDSC_1022
Furnished Apartment 1 room (?)Double bedComments0# 512-5

Les Capucins

District : Place du Jeu de Balle (Centre)

Full equipped and modern duplex

-6% from 06/09/2018 until 06/12/2018

InternetWashing machinePrivate bathroomPublic transport in the vicinityVisitors allowedDSC_8990
Furnished Apartment 2 rooms (?)Double bedComments0# 799-1


District : Châtelain (Centre)

Beautiful apartment (100m2) - 2 rooms

-10%Promo été from 01/07/2018 until 31/07/2018

InternetWashing machinePrivate bathroomPublic transport in the vicinityTelevisionVisitors allowedsalon
furnished studio (?)Twin bedComments0# 339-1


District : Centre de Forêt (sud)

Very easy to find when arriving via the Paris-Brussels motorway or from Midi Station (Thalys, Eurostar)

-8% from 22/05/2018 until 24/08/2018

InternetPrivate bathroomVisitors allowedPublic transport in the vicinityNouveau document
Furnished Apartment 1 room (?)Twin bedComments0# 65-7

"Chez Paulette"

District : Europe quarter/Schuman (Centre)

Pleasant city house on 3 stages in Ixelles

-10%Summer discount from 01/07/2018 until 31/08/2018

InternetTelevisionVisitors allowedPrivate bathroomPaulette650007_9
Colocation (?)Double bedComments0# 832-5

District : ULB/XL cemetery (South-East)

Colocation of 6 bedrooms in a house entirely renovated on 3 floors, where each floor has a kitchen and a bathroom.

-10%Summer discount from 01/07/2018 until 30/09/2018

InternetWashing machinePublic transport in the vicinityVisitors allowedchambre bleu
Colocation (?)Double bedComments1# 145-1

Paul Deschanel

District : Josaphat Park (North)

Charming bedroom on the first floor in a house located at the back of a courtyard

-10%promo été from 15/07/2018 until 31/08/2018

Visitors allowedPrivate bathroomInternetIMG_4309
furnished studio (?)Single bedComments2# 157-1


District : Place Keym (South-East)

The 2d floor of a particular house is at your disposal, in Watermael-Boisfort

-8%Summer promo and allways a lot of included services from 29/05/2018 until 30/09/2018

InternetWashing machinePrivate bathroomTelevisionVisitors allowedPublic transport in the vicinity??
furnished studio (?)Double bedComments4# 303-1

Chez Sylvain

District : Botanique (Centre)

Studio (+ 40m2) located on the 2nd floor in a private house where the owners occupy the remainder of space (the frontage is a little soiled)

-10%NICE OFFER 10% OFF!  from 22/01/2018 until 01/08/2018

InternetPrivate bathroomTelevisionVisitors allowedWashing machineIMG_20180122_154408

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