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Paul Deschanel


Quartier:Parc Josaphat (Nord)

promo fêtes de fin d'année du 15/12/2018 jusqu'au 15/01/2019


AvenueKersbeek (1)


Quartier:Centre de Forêt (sud)

du 01/11/2018 jusqu'au 31/12/2018

pianiste 9

Appartements Vieuxtemps


Quartier:Gare du Midi (Centre)

Summer Discount du 19/08/2018 jusqu'au 18/08/2019

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Chambre meublée (?)Lit singleAvis3#443-2

Simon Wood

Quartier: Stockel

Chambre single (+/-12 m2) au 3ème d'une maison unifamiliale (où vivent les propriétaires) dans un quartier agréable de l'est de Bruxelles.


Avis Séverine LEONET 1/5

"Stay away / à fuir! Tourist trap scam/ Arnaque Is actually only suitable for an attic- and yet! Shamefully tiny rooms, very noisy ground (you will be woken up whenever the person in the room next-door moves). No solar isolation either. Wifi switched off at night. Primary school pupil desk. Definitely not suitable for a student. Horrible stubborn greedy landlord who does't mind refurbishing the house while your in finals, without any regards to this nor compensation. Way to expensive for what this is. Both place and landlord to be avoided"

Avis Anita Roy 5/5

"Mr. and Mrs. Simon have been the most welcoming guest. They had the room ready before my arrival. Mr. Simon gave me accurate directions to his lovely home which is situated n one of the best areas of greater Brussels. Its very well connected by public transport- the stop for Bus 36 is next door, tram 39 that takes you to the nearest metro is 3-4 min by foot and the nearest metro is Stokkel - about 17min by foot. The neighbourhood is a residential area with boulangerie and restaurants located just next door. Plus there is also a chocolate shop! Banks are also located on this street and there is a grocery store too. The house is very pretty with a wonderful garden. Above all, the hosts make the experience really wonderful. Mr. Simon even helped me relocate to my new apartment. Overall, it was a wonderful experience staying at 216 Rue au Bois."

Avis Joe Butler 5/5

"To start I would like to say I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Simon as a host and I would stay there again without hesitation. The detailed version: I had a very enjoyable month long stay with Simon and his wife. Due to circumstances I won't go into here, at short notice I needed somewhere to stay whilst I searched for an apartment to rent; Simon accepted me for a month long booking with less that 24 hours notice. The accommodation is clean and modern. You also have access to your own shower. Despite that you are sharing a home with Simon, you have a lot of privacy; this was as satisfactory as if I had rented my own apartment. The kitchen is also well stocked with all the equipment you need to cook. The area the house is located in is pleasantly quiet. You have many shops, bars, and restaurants within walking distance. You can reach the centre of Brussels via public transport in about 25 minutes. If you stay out later you can get a tax back from the centre for around 20 euros. As hosts, Simon and his wife are very friendly and also very respectful of your privacy. All in all, I would like to thank Simon for making my first month in Brussels a comfortable one, and making my first experience of using AirBnB a pleasant one. Dr Joe Butler."

InternetSalle de bain privéeTransports publics à proximitéChambre beige 2
Studio meublé (?)Lit doubleAvis2#65-2

Chez Paulette

Quartier: Quartier Europe/Schuman (Centre)

Maison de ville agréable sur 3 étages à Ixelles


Avis Johnson Conrad 5/5

"Thank you very much. This is one of the best service, that I have experienced. I will even recommand your site to to other people in the future. I may too use it in the nearest future. "

Avis Damian P. 5/5

"Merci bcp pour l'agréable séjour dans votre appartement."

InternetTélévisionVisites autoriséesSalle de bain privéeNon fumeurTransports publics à proximité[000043]
Chambre meublée (?)Lit doubleAvis1#698-1

Square room

Quartier: Madou/Arts-Loi/ Shuman (Centre)

Chambre double avec salle de bain et cuisine à partager avec la propriétaire.


Avis Samuel Kneer 4/5

"(To clarify: with the note 4 i mean the second worse note) Upon arrival Veronique surprised me by saying visitors would have to pay and using the washing machine wasn't included in the rent. As I had clearly the weaker negotiation power, all I could reach was the agreement that guest only had to pay if they were not from family and/or staying longer than the days I would be in holiday. The second agreement was that I could use the washing machine and pay one euro each time. On my last day I left some dry foodstuff like noodles and Olive oil in the drawer and some well cooled things like butter in the fridge. After my departure and without communicating with me, Veronique charged me 30 euro for the three nights my mom had visited (despite the fact that I had been in holidays more than 20 days!!) She charged me 10 euro for the food that I had left (despite all of it was well kept and could be kept long - for her or the next renters use!! and it was good food, why should we waste food in the 21th century!!??) then she charged me funny 2 euros for having done HER laundry. To understand that: She doesn't use a laundry basket but occupies the machine 4 days a week with dry or wet laundry not caring about the fact that i d like to wash as well. As one time she had her laundry in (dry) already- and even poured with powder, but I had to wash, I couldn't remove her stuff and so had to wash and hang it for her. Make your mind up whether I interfered in her privacy or whether she put her privacy in my way. What would she have done if I d block the machine with my laundry for days and days. Last but not least if you care about your health consider that there was huge mold at the wall in my room. She promised on the first day that someone would come and fix it but in all the 5 months nobody ever came. Additionally the water gave me dry and red skin as i never had before. That's probably due to old and bad pipes in the building. The door to my room was not keeping wind, nor sound or light and made a horrible scream every time you open or close it. The bathroom looks nice but when you operate the shower you smell gas and you need 2 minutes to find the right temperature... All of this details: the mold, the water, the shower, the washing-theater, the breach of agreements... I felt this apartment and my room would fit better in an undeveloped country than in Europe's capital... Last but not least I wouldn't say Veronique did anything of these things with bad intention but her actions or in-activity is rather due to a inability of managing a proper household or to equally treat and respect the freedom of others. This kind of living would be impossible in Germany. Living in a moldy room, nobody would even pay a cent for that .. "

InternetTransports publics à proximitéVisites autoriséesMachine à laverNon fumeurDSC_2382
Colocation (?)Lit doubleAvis1#145-2

Paul Deschanel

Quartier: Parc Josaphat (Nord)

Chambre de charme au 1er étage d'une maison située au fond d'une cour, à Schaerbeek


Avis . Christina 5/5

"At my arrival in the house where I stayed during my whole traineeship, the landlady was kind, polite and since the beginning she has showed availability for any practical issue (house needs and city tips). I enjoyed the neighborhood and made some friends with neighbors. "

InternetVisites autoriséesSalle de bain privéeNon fumeurTransports publics à proximitéIMG_4309
Colocation (?)Lit singleAvis1#575-5

Happy Brussels

Quartier: Quartier Europe/Schuman (Centre)


Avis A Ina 5/5

"This vey cosy studio can only be recommended! It is freshly furnished and offers a lot of Space. I felt more than welcome in there. You have a lot of privacy and a very nice terrace/Garden in the Summer. The neighbourhood is quite good. Shops and Metro are close by. European quarter is in walking distance. All in all: i loved staying in this studio. Every visitor felt welcome and i would immediately Book this Studio again."

InternetTransports publics à proximitéTélévisionVisites autoriséesNon fumeur
Appart. meublé 1 chambre (?)Lit doubleAvis1#302-2

Rue des Echevins

Quartier: Flagey/Etangs d'Ixelles (Centre)

Appartement indépendant, 1 chambre, situé au 3ème étage d'une maison. (+/- 70m2), occupée par les propriétaires. 


Avis Natalie Ober 1/5

"Dear Sir or Madame, I am doing an internship in Brussels and so I am searching for an apartement from the end of the september. would you mind sending me an offer for a reservation for your apartement on the following email: Best regards Natalie Ober"

InternetMachine à laverTélévisionVisites autoriséesTransports publics à proximitéNon fumeurliving1
Chambre meublée (?)Lit doubleAvis1#703-1

Just across the corner

Quartier: ULB/Cimetère d'XL (Sud-Est)

Belle chambre meublée avec mezzanine 1 personne


Avis . Joseph 5/5

"Arrivé au mois d'août, mes propriétaires étaient alors en vacances, j'ai donc été accueilli par mon colocataire, un étudiant allemand parfaitement francophone. Stagiaire lui aussi, mais en dehors du programme Eurodyssée, il m'a fait visiter la maison, le quartier, et m'a invité à boire quelques (délicieuses) bières belges. Un accueil parfait selon moi. J'ai été logé chez un couple très sympathique, à seulement 15 minutes à pieds de mon lieu de travail. Le quartier se trouvant dans la zone des différents campus de l'ULB, il est parfaitement adapté à tous les besoins des étudiants (commerces, laverie, etc.) et très bien desservi par les transports en commun. "

InternetTransports publics à proximitéVisites autoriséesNon fumeurIMG_3531
Chambre meublée (?)Lit doubleAvis1#439-3

Brussels House

Quartier: Parc Josaphat (Nord)

Red room, charmante chambre meublée au 3ème étage d'une maison bruxelloise


Avis Pavlína Michaličková 1/5

"It was a great time here, I can only recommend this accommodation. Sarah and Chris are really nice people. "

Visites autoriséesTransports publics à proximitéInternetMachine à laverNon fumeurred_room_verboeckhaven_01
Chambre meublée (?)Lit singleAvis1#439-2

Brussels House

Quartier: Parc Josaphat (Nord)

Green room, charmante chambre meublée au 3ème étage d'une maison bruxelloise


Avis Alexandra Zins 1/5

"Mesdames et messieurs, j'ai réservé tout à l'heure une pièce de 26.05 à 01. 09.2018. Malheureusement j'ai effacé justement l'e-mail. Pouvez-vous encore m'envoyer le Mail avec la confirmation et toutes les informations ? Plusieurs remercie! Sincères salutations Alexandra Zins"

InternetMachine à laverTransports publics à proximitéVisites autoriséesNon fumeurgreen_room_verboeckhaven_01
Colocation (?)Lit singleAvis1#439-4

Brussels House

Quartier: Parc Josaphat (Nord)

Charmant chambre meublée (+/-15 m2)


Avis Alexandra Zins 1/5

"Mesdames et messieurs, j'ai réservé tout à l'heure une pièce de 26.05 à 01. 09.2018. Malheureusement j'ai effacé justement l'e-mail. Pouvez-vous encore m'envoyer le Mail avec la confirmation et toutes les informations ? Plusieurs remercie! Sincères salutations Alexandra l'intérêt"

Machine à laverTransports publics à proximitéInternetVisites autoriséesNon fumeurchambre_40001

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